To get started, you will need to configure your Cybersource merchant account settings as well as the extension settings in the WordPress dashboard.

Cybersource Merchant Account

To use this gateway, you will need to ensure that Recurring Billing and Secure Storage are enabled for your account. You can do this by contacting Cybersource support. After those features are enabled you must locate/create the following keys:

rcp cybersource merchant id

Cybersource Extension

Log into your WordPress site and go to ‘Restrict’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Payments’, scroll down to ‘Cybersource Payment Gateway Settings’ then enter in your Merchant ID, Transaction Key, and Shared Secret Key. If you wish to run in sandbox mode, you will need a developers Cybersource account. and fill in the test keys as well. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click  ‘Save’.

That’s it! You are now ready to start accepting credit cards via Cybersource!

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